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Bashir Mohammed PhD, AFHEA

IT Coordinator

Bashir is a post-doctoral research scholar in the Computational Research Division(CRD) working on the Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence High-Performance Networks(DAPHNE) project under the supervision of Mariam Kiran of Energy Sciences Network(Esnet) and John Wu at Berkeley Lab. Bashir received his (MSc) in Control Systems Engineering under the supervision of Professor Peter J Fleming from the University of Sheffield, and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom under the supervision of Professor Irfan Awan and Professor Hassan Ugail. Bashir is currently developing AI and Machine Learning algorithms to control high-speed networks such as to avoid data traffic congestion, degraded network performance and network downtime for important Science Bigfile Transfers and experiments. Bashir's method will lead to minimizing network downtime, save US department of Energy (DOE) millions of dollars on equipment cost, and free engineers to work on science experiments. His research contributed to the core network research and operations due to his strong background in HPC and cloud where he developed and built these infrastructures during his PhD in Bradford, UK.

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