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2nd Life Sciences competition for universities, secondary schools, holds March 29 – April 30 in Nigeria

27 March 2021


Abdullahi Tsanni

The second edition of the National Life Sciences Competition (NLSC) for universities and secondary schools in Nigeria dedicated to inspiring more young people to pursue science careers is scheduled for between March 29 to July 4.

“The National Life Science Competition (NLSC) is aimed at inspiring all Nigerian secondary school and tertiary institution students to develop interests in life science courses or solving life science-related societal challenges,” says a statement by Science Communication Hub Nigeria, ahead of the opening of the competition Monday, which is co-organized by the African Science Literacy Network (ASLN), Teaching and Research in Natural Sciences for Development (TReND) in Africa, Biochemical Society, and University of Sussex, UK. Other partners include the Open Forum for Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB) Nigeria, National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), Borno State Government, Yobe State Scholarship Board (YSSB), Yobe State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Neuroscience Society of Nigeria, and Sprint for Social Good.

The theme of the second edition of the NLSC is centred on the coronavirus pandemic aimed at highlighting the role of individuals and societies in fighting pandemics, including COVID-19. “I believe everyone has seen or heard of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world. It has led to millions of deaths, affected businesses and livelihoods. Medics, scientists, and non-scientists are working tirelessly to stop the pandemic in their unique ways,” says Dr. Mahmoud Maina, a Sussex-based Nigerian neuroscientist and founder of Science Communication Hub Nigeria.

Covid 19

Maina says that this edition of the competition will inspire hope to inspire students to develop interest in science careers as well as ideas on solving science-related societal challenges through their different scientific disciplines. “We hope to also inspire promote public understanding of science and why it matters in our lives and society,” he says.

"We have many prizes and additional benefits for finalists and winners. I am particularly excited by the prizes named after some of our finest Nigerian scientists, who have done great service to science on a global scale. I encourage people to google these people to find more about their stories, as I am certain it will serve as an inspiration," urged Maina. 

For more details and to apply click here.

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