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Good Teachers, Good Laboratories And Good Mentors Led Me To Science

24 January 2018



Born: Abonnema, Akuku-Tori L. G. A., Rivers State



Professor To. W. Jacks developed an interest in science during his third year of secondary school. He said, “I could recall my Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics teachers were simply at their best. My school, ‘Baptist High School, Port Harcourt’ was one of the top missionary schools then. It had the ‘Higher School Certificate’ (HSC) programme, such that whatever was lacking in the secondary section was complemented in the Higher School. Indeed, it was a pride to see the senior students in the higher school (HSC) as mentors who motivated us to love science and we all desired to be like them someday.” Professor Jacks went on to study Anatomy. He trained many new generation Anatomists in Nigeria. Indeed, at the peak of the Boko Haram crisis when some scientists were changing institutions, he remained in Borno where he passionately continued to train more scientists at the University of Maiduguri.



Young students should know that science requires patience, originality and diligence. Upcoming scientists should work hard and also seek mentors who will guide them to achieve their dreams.

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