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Topics In Biology Led Me To Choose Science Over Arts And Languages When I Was In College

26 January 2018




During my college days, I had interest in Arts, Languages and Science, but the fascination I had with science was incomparable. The most rewarding moments I had were during the classes on biology especially the topics that dealt extensively with the human body. The practical sessions which involved using animal models to study different organs got me excited. From then I craved for more knowledge about the human body. Additionally, coming from a background in which one of my parents is a medical personnel further consolidated my interest in science. This led me to pursue my studies in Human Anatomy. My passion for science drove me to seek for training in an international and interdisciplinary environment where I could enhance my previous training.



I desire to play a significant role in biomedical research and the training of biomedical scientists. Hence, I long to see interdisciplinary collaborations geared towards the evolution of science in Nigeria, especially in the biomedical sciences.

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