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Apply Now For Science Communication and Science Journalism Workshop In Nigeria



To introduce scientists and journalists to different methods of engaging a wider audience with science as well as to pair scientists and journalists to support more accurate science communication to the general population.





This will be an intensive 2-day workshop which will have morning afternoon and evening sessions (9am-9pm) during which the following will be explored:

  1. Science reporting in the media

  2. Identifying methods for engagement

  3. Identifying experts for science related publications 

  4. Promoting scientific research to the public


Who Should Apply?

  1. Open to all Nigerian scientists engaged in health research. 

  2. Open to all Nigerian journalists covering science (writing, editing or commissioning stories).

  3. Applicants have to demonstrate how the workshop fits their career plans.


What Will Participants Learn?

  1. Principles, methodology and evaluation practices of engaging the public with research through outreach activities, print media or digital content for TV, online or social media.

  2. Methods of simplifying and selling research and making it appealing to the public.

  3. How best to represent science stories in the media and the most cost-effective approaches to communicate research outputs for online and print media.


What We Will Cover For Participants?

  1. Attendance is free.

  2. We will cover your travel expenses to the venue.

  3. We will cover the cost of your accommodation for the workshop duration.

  4. Meals will be provided.

  5. Financial support post-workshop for producing up to three health science stories.


What Happens After The Workshop?

  1. The trained scientists and journalists will be added to a database of Nigerian scientists and science journalists hosted by Science Communication Hub Nigeria.

  2. After the workshop, scientists and journalists will be paired, asked to submit a science communication project, which will be funded. 

  3. Each scientist-journalist pair will be expected to produce 3 pieces of media content (online, radio, TV or newspaper channels for Nigerian and/or international audience) about the health research happening in their local region.

  4. These pieces will be entered into a competition, and the best three will be selected and published in the UK media in collaboration with the Crick Institute and University of Sussex's publicity team.

  5. Participants will receive mentorship to carry out their projects.




Phase 1 (29th July - 19th August) 

Applications submission. Apply via


Phase 2 (8th - 11th September) 

8th September: Arrival

10th - 11th September: Workshop (9am-9pm)

11th September: Depart 


Phase 3 (11th September 2019 - 10th September 2020) 

Publications by scientist-journalist pairs




  1. Dr Mahmoud Bukar Maina, University of Sussex, UK

  2. Dr Katy Petherick, University of Sussex, UK

  3. Dr. Amy Hong University of Oxford, UK

  4. Dr Mustapha Shehu M., Gombe State University, Nigeria



  1. Abdulhamid Al-Gazali,Yerwa Express News, Nigeria 

  2. Bamas Ifesinachi Victoria, Daily Trust, Nigeria


Funding is provided by the Wellcome Trust to TReND in Africa in partnership with SciComNigeria, University of Sussex, UK and the Francis Crick Institute, UK

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