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Database of Nigerian Journalists

This is a form to document the Nigerian journalists within and outside Nigeria who are happy to serve as a resource for students searching for mentors, scientists searching for collaborators, journalists, educators, policy makers, and anyone needing scientific expertise. 


Highest qualification

Alma mater


Full name

Expected qualification if any

Current Institution/Affiliation

Link to webpage that has your contact detail (if any)

To aid collaboration and mentoring, your details will be shared on the database. Do you agree?


Do you consent to us holding your details and contacting you when relevant?


Would you like to be contacted about science activities deem relevant to your interest?

You will be required to provide your profile, short story or further information that people can read to find out more about you. Do you agree?


An error occurred. Please try again later


Your data has been submitted. We will contact you shortly.

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