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Announcing The Fifth Position Of The Drug Addiction Essay Competition For Nigerian Secondary Schools


10 May 2019



We are pleased to announce that Olawunmi Ololade Abigail of Seolad International College, Mowe, Ogun State, has been selected by an independent panel of judges as the 5th position of the Drug Addiction Essay Competition for Nigerian Secondary Schools. 


The epidemic of drug addiction in Nigeria has recently come to light. Those who are most vulnerable include young people. Therefore, to get them to think critically about the problems of drug use and abuse and partake in developing solutions to the problem we launched the Drug Addiction Essay Competition in November 2018.  


Read Olawunmi Ololade’s essay to find out more about the entry. 



Have you ever seen a fellow who chooses to get high over other activities, craves for a drug of his choice and becomes violent when he is unable to get it? These are some of the signs of a drug addict. According to DUAL DIAGNOSIS, drug addiction is defined as the psychological and physical dependence on at least one illicit substance. Common drugs that youths get addicted to are codeine, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and many others. But surprisingly, drug addiction is not limited to only illicit substances, even medically-effective drugs prescribed by doctors are highly addictive.


Drug addiction has led to an increase in social vices in my community. In recent time, a 15-year old girl was gang raped by a drug addict in my community. Our economy is declining because money earned by youths are spent on drugs instead of contributing to economic development. Our youths have become outright thugs and vagabonds causing all sorts of havoc.


Drug addiction has become a menace in my community, even primary school pupils have been discovered to be drug addicts. Addiction to a drug can be very disastrous even though people view as a simple problem. It causes a drastic change in the brain which disturbs the thinking and affects a person's view of issues, especially matters relating to judgment, choice or acquisition of knowledge. They suffer from emotional breakdowns but still return to using these drugs. An addiction to drugs can make a person very aggressive and violent which in turn causes hypertension or high blood pressure.


According to WIKIPEDIA, drug addiction statistics revealed that 20.1 million people aged 12 and over suffer mental disorders due to drug addiction. As at 1980, less than 10,000 people died as a result of drug addiction, but unfortunately, in 2016 the number rose to a dumbfounding figure of 64,000 indicating that drug addiction is very much on the high side now. Millions of people are said to die daily, families are troubled, children and youths are mentally distressed. If our youths are dying, who will lead us tomorrow?


This, therefore, necessitates the need to raise awareness about drug addiction. If youths and adults can have better ways to deal with life's anxieties, stress and disasters, there will be no need to resort to drugs. Also, I think that printing colourful and fascinating handbills and posters which states the dangers of drug addiction will reduce addiction to drugs. Likewise, rehabilitation centres should be adequately funded to ensure efficiency in reshaping the lives of drug addicts.


In conclusion, drug addiction is dangerous and should never be practised by anyone let alone the youths. Those attempting to overcome their addictions should and must be ready for the challenge. In the end, courage, determination and persistence will make a difference.


An outreach award ceremony was organised to celebrate Olawunmi Ololade Abigail at Seolad International College in Ogun State. 

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