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Free lists of grants and fellowships around the world available online


3 March 2020



Early-career researchers worldwide are availing themselves of an important but formerly obscure resource: three downloadable databases of hundreds of global funding opportunities and fellowships. 

The databases — one for graduate students, one for postdoctoral researchersand one for junior faculty members — are produced and posted by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore, Maryland. They were originally conceived as a career resource for JHU students and staff members, says Denis Wirtz, an engineer and the university’s vice-provost for research. “We had a choice to reserve the information or make it available to everyone,” he says. “I reminded myself that the university’s mission is knowledge for the world.”

The first version of the postdoc fellowship database had been online since 2015, but few people outside JHU knew about it. Until recently, Wirtz says, only about 100 people would download it in a given month, and he suspects that most of those downloads were by people on campus.

Details of the Information can be accessed via Nature Career News

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