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Introduction to data visualisation and prediction using Python

Dr Ali Maina Bukar

1 February 2020 at 15:00:00

In our research, hospitals, businesses and work, we accumulate new data every second. Indeed, data is everywhere. To understand this data, we need to analyse and produce visuals, and using this, we can make better interpretation and decisions.

These days, new programming platforms have made data analysis and visualisation easier. Python is the programming language favoured by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts. Python has abundant libraries and frameworks that facilitate coding and save development time.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to Python, and you will learn how to perform basic data analysis and visualisation. If you wish to learn actively during the webinar, you will need a computer, internet access and Gmail account. However, if your aim is only to listen to the lecture, then, you can use even your mobile phone.

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